Vocational Programs

TV directing

TV directing

The purpose of the program
Training of a qualified specialist who will be able to broadcast multi-camera programs in the TV space, produce publicist works, shoot trailers and announcements, as well as work on a TV series. Detailed information about the program can be found at the

Admission to the program

Complete general education

Professional qualification
Higher professional qualification in TV directing.

Employment scope and opportunities

TV directing- A person with a higher professional qualification may be employed as a documentary director, technical director, television or radio technical director.

Duration of the program

For Georgian-speaking students - 2 academic years 

for non-Georgian speaking students- 2.5 academic years 

Program Manager / Professional Teacher
Zurab Oshkhneli.



The program aims to prepare a qualified specialist, who will be able to prepare TV news on various topics.



Higher Vocational Qualification in Reporting.

Head Of Program/Vocational Teacher- Tatia Mzhavanadze.