Vocational education teachers

TV directing

Koba Tskhakaia Koba Tskhakaia

Koba Tskhakaia



1. Introduction of TV Directing


Actor; Director; Script writer; Playwright; Winner of documentary and narrative film festivals; Author of animation films; Author of stories and theater plays; Prize-winner of literary and dramaturgical festivals..

Giorgi Ebralidze Giorgi Ebralidze

Giorgi Ebralidze



1. Specifics of creating Promos and Trailers


Director of musical videos, TV and movie commercials; Director of documentary and short films; Laureate of international film,commercial and video festivals.

Malkhaz Aslamazashvili Malkhaz Aslamazashvili

Malkhaz Aslamazashvili



1. Specifics of creating TV series


Actor; Director and screen writer of theater, TV and Cinema; Author and director of theater and TV shows; Official representative of L.A.F. in Georgia; Jury member of international festivals “INPUT” and “Prize Europe”; Director of first Georgian TV series.

Levan Akhobadze Levan Akhobadze

Levan Akhobadze



1. specifics of multi camera shooting


Director of many TV programs and sport reporting; Creative author of commercial; Director of first internet broadcasting reports in Georgia.

Levan Lekveishvili Levan Lekveishvili

Levan Lekveishvili



1.specifics of multi camera shooting


Director of many TV programs and sport reporting; Creative author of commercial; Director of first internet broadcasting reports in Georgia.

Video-cinematography art

Irakli Ghlonti Irakli Ghlonti

Irakli Ghlonti



1. Introduction of Camera Operating; Introduction of lighting


Producer; Director; Cameraman; Video editor; Producer and co-author of international TV shows; Winner of international festivals and coach of more than 124 training courses in different countries; Director and cameraman of commercials and narrative/documentary films; Teacher and  author of vocational education textbooks; 

Shalva Samkharadze Shalva Samkharadze

Shalva Samkharadze



1.practical course in Camera Operating


Cameraman of News and Live streaming programs; Military cameraman; Cameraman  of narrative films; Producer.

Video Editing

Salome Tskhadadze Salome Tskhadadze

Salome Tskhadadze



1. Adobe Premiere; Avid Media Composer


Video editor; TV director; Video editor of educational, entertainment and News programs; Co-author of vocational TV programs; Vocational education teacher.

Zurab Oshkhneli Zurab Oshkhneli

Zurab Oshkhneli



 1. Introduction of Video Editing


Author and cameraman of scientific and documentary films; Producer of junior programs; Director, cameraman and editor of documentary films; Creator of Media -TV vocational school; Facilitator of media vocational programs; Winner of world festival of electronic media in 1997

TV Graphic Design

Dimitri Khachaturovi Dimitri Khachaturovi

Dimitri Khachaturovi



1. Adobe after effects

2. Cinema 4D


Graphic designer; Winner of international festivals; Author and designer of musical videos and commercials.

TV-Radio Anchoring

Nutsa Kavtaradze Nutsa Kavtaradze

Nutsa Kavtaradze



1. Anchoring skills for television


Journalist; TV-Radio anchor; Marketer; Vocational education teacher; Specialist of effective communications.

Tamta Bakradze Tamta Bakradze

Tamta Bakradze



1. practice of oral communication skills 


Film and theater actress; Participant of TV series and shows; Actress of puppet theater.


Lika Mazanishvili Lika Mazanishvili

Lika Mazanishvili



1. Art of creating texts


Philologist; Teacher of vocational educat

Mariam Oshkhneli Mariam Oshkhneli

Mariam Oshkhneli



1. TV Reporting


Journalist; Lawyer; Journalist of political- analytical TV shows; Hot zone correspondent; Master’s in strategic communication; Co-author and teacher of vocational education.


Davit Khizanishvili Davit Khizanishvili

Davit Khizanishvili



1. event photography


Photographer; Photojournalist; Photoreporter; Photographer of Georgian News agency and international organizations UNDP, GIZ, OSCE,EU,REuters and EPA; Photographer and PR specialist of Georgian Supreme Court; Co-author of OSCE photo project in 2008 and participant in conflict zone.

Konstantine Gabrichidze Konstantine Gabrichidze

Konstantine Gabrichidze



1. Introduction of Photography

2. Landscape photography

3. Photo editing


Director; Documentary maker; Photographer; Photographer of movies directed by Levan Tutberidze; Teacher of vocational education in photography; Photographer of different magazines and environment safety committees.

Kakha Pkhakadze Kakha Pkhakadze

Kakha Pkhakadze



1. Introduction of photography

2. Portrait photography

3. Reproduction photography


Expert in Photography; Chairman of Association of photographers of Georgia; QEP.