1989 Year

In 1989, the author and cameraman of documentary and scientific films Zurab Oshkhneli established the Youth Television Studio (hereinafter Youth TV Republican Centre) and initiated the formal vocational education in Georgia in photography, media and television art.

1992 Year

In 1992, licensed by the Ministry of Education, Zurab Oshkhneli, along with his colleagues, founded the first three-year TV profile School for students with basic education.


1993 Year

In 1993, by the order of the Ministry of Education, the school was transformed into a TV profile lyceum and moved to state funding.

1995 Year

In 1995, at the initiative of Zurab Oshkhneli and by the decree of the Government of Georgia the first higher vocational school of TV art was established in Georgia.

2000 Year

In 2000, on the recommendation of Tbilisi State University and TV-Radio State Corporation and with the order of the Ministry of Education TV profile Lyceum was changed to Media and TV Art State College.

2006 Year

In 2006 college was established under the name of Media, Advertising and TV Art State College.

2007 Year

In 2007, with the resolution of the Government of Georgia, Media, Advertising and Television Art State College joined Ilia State University and had been carrying out the Photography, Television and Media higher vocational programs under the name of Education Television Centre.

2018 Year

With the resolution of the Government of Georgia on March 6, 2018, LEPL Ivane Javakhishvili State University Media and TV Art Community College was created on the intellectual and technical base of Ilia State University Education Television Centre, which carries out 7 vocational programs.